Kid Friendly & Eco Savvy Mama Approved!

After struggling to find a water bottle that keeps water cool and refreshing while avoiding a metal after taste, Eco Savvy Mama has found Eco Bottle. She raves about the large mouth top, the BPA free bottles, and triple lock system that keep her water cold without any leakage. Eco Savvy Mama also discusses how Eco Bottle is kid and mommy friendly! Some of her favorite features include the SportsTop and KidsTop because they help protect her drinks as well as her kid’s drinks with the non-spill system.

Check out exactly what she had to say below:

“And the best part is that you have interchangeable lids, so it caters to the whole family’s preference. The DualTop has interchangeable openings with a wide-mouth and small-mouth opening. The SportsTop and the KidsStop has a non-spill system and straw inside that makes it easy for even my one year old to quench her thirst without ending up with a drenched shirt! Another great feature about this Eco Bottle is that all of the tops are suitable to be used with carbonated beverages.”

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