Active Kids, Healthy Snacks and Drinks!

August is the month that most kids dread.. summer ends and school begins. In order to get ready for the busy month, Angie of  Echoes of Laughter creates a bin of healthy snacks for her kids to “grab and go” which includes plenty of hydrating beverages!

Angie decided she would stop buying cases of water and decided to try out the latest reusable Wenger by Eco Bottle products. Angie had nothing but good things to say about these water bottles. She tried out the regular water bottle which fit in the cup holder of her car (a bonus); while her son claimed the sports bottle. Check out her thoughts on the Eco Bottle Wenger Collection:

“I make sure that everyone fills up a water bottle before they leave. I stopped buying cases of water years ago because I made a conscious decision to do our part as a family and not contribute to the 365 billion cans & bottles that make their way to the landfill each year. The Wenger by Eco Bottle products are great because they are made with no toxins or harmful chemicals{Phthlates} and feature a Swiss made BPA free liner… important features I look for when shopping for water bottles.

I tested this style and I like the wide mouth top because I love lots of ice in my water.”

Read Angie’s full review here or check out Wenger by Eco Bottle Collection  at London Drugs in Canada or on their website.