Eat Run Sail Hits the High Seas with Eco Bottle!

Our friend Elle from Eat Run Sail found Eco Bottle an easy addition to her active lifestyle. Being on the water often Elle found Eco Bottle Wenger Collection Bottles to be the right fit for all her adventures on the high seas!

As an avid tap water drinker, Elle has always had a problem finding a bottle that’s versatile enough to fit well into all her activities. Like a page stolen from the classic children’s tale, Goldie Locks and the three bears the bottles she brought on her long journeys were too big, the ones she used for running were too small, but Wenger by Eco bottle fit just right! She was delighted to finally find a suitable solution in the Wenger Eco Bottle and we are happy to provide her with one!

Check out Elle’s thoughts below:

“Both of the bottles are a good fit in my hands. That makes them easy and comfortable to use. And both of these lid styles are easy to attach to a belt or bag or even a back pack. They fit bicycle water holders and also my running water belt.”

To read the full review and learn a little the importance of having a supply of tap water on the ocean visit Eat Run Sail.