Quality & Commitment to Innovation

We had a chance to chat with our friends at EncompassLife at the Outdoor Retailer show in early August about our Eco Bottles. While we enjoyed chatting it up with them and all the other outdoor enthusiast at the show,  we thought it would be fun to send our friends out with some bottles and really hear what they had to think! We’ve received a tremendous amount of praise from the show, but EncompassLife’s review has to be our favorite!

Check out why Eco Bottle is EncompassLife’s new travel sidekick:

“The multi-functional, earth-friendly Eco Bottle is a viable option for outdoor enthusiasts across the globe. Their concrete commitment to innovation through added value is a solid business trait, found only in those companies truly looking to create quality products. Materials, geometry, appearance and function are constantly checked throughout the design process. I have the sportline bottle in anodized blue and I must say, it’s pretty cool!”

Visit EncompassLife to read the full review, or share your thoughts on Eco Bottle here!