Siobhan McCarthy Keeps it Classy with Eco Bottle

For the ladies out there with style and grace, we know you work hard to treat your body right. Whether you’re into the latest fitness crazy or just an outdoor enthusiast we know you like to keep a hint of class even when the glistening glow of your work out turns into something a little less pretty. Our customized top options give you a little more control so you can hydrate and still appear easy, breezy and beautiful. To prove our point our friend Siobhan McCarthy weighs in on the topic:

“I like that the “dualtop” that came with my white bottle. The option to not use the “wide mouth” while drinking is beyond perfect for me. I am not the classiest girl when it comes to wide mouth bottles and I ALWAYS manage to spill on my self. This size makes me look like a classy Kate Middleton”

Read Siobhan’s entire review on her blog and check out all our customizable options on the Eco Bottle website