Eco Bottle Debuts Hydration Tube at 2012 Checkpoint Tracker Championship

 Eco Bottle is proud to sponsor the 2012 Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Race Championship where our innovative bottles will be put through one of the toughest tests on the planet.  The race, covering over 100 miles of West Virginia countryside and lasting over 30 hours, tests outdoorsmen in trekking, mountain biking, rafting and much more.  The rigors of the race will showcase the bottles ruggedness, versatility, and its sustainability.

Each racer will receive a Special Edition Checkpoint Tracker Eco Bottle featuring the revolutionary triple thread lock system lid and new drinking straw attachment to keep them hydrated over the grueling 100-mile trek. The Hydration Tube, making its debut at Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Race Championship, is a specially designed tube that allows racers to drink from the bottle while it is stored without the use of delicate bladders that are hard to wash and often pick up heat through a pack.  The 41mm opening of the Eco Bottle makes it quick and easy to fill as well as to wash, just another convenient feature that makes it great for adventure racing.

To learn more about this fascinating event and to get a look at the special edition eco-bottle, visit the Checkpoint Tracker website