Making Adventure a Home for Eco Bottle

For quite some time we’ve struggled to find a real home for Eco Bottle. We found ourselves on such a versatile platform. As an eco-friendly product that provides safe hydration and brings style and functionality to the sustainable industry we were able to explore our own potential.  We tried on a number of triple thread caps, if you will, and while the dual, travel, and sports top all suited us well it was not until we read a post from one of our favorite bloggers @themorningfresh that we knew where we belonged. As she so perfectly puts it:

Adventure is our home.

That small statement spoke to us. Whether we are sitting next to you in the console during your next car ride, or attached to your carabiner while you scale a mountain of rocks we are with you. Exploring the shops downtown, landscapes, venues, or views we are happy to be a part of what you call an adventure. We are eager to travel the paved, dirt, or unexplored road ahead – just tell us where to go!