Eco Bottle Makes SNEWS List for Innovative Bottle Companies

With so many innovative new hydration designs on the market today, standing out is tougher and tougher.  In the SNEWS roundup of innovative new bottles, we see that new technologies, materials, and styles are all being produced by a slew of different manufacturers.  These innovations range from temperature stabilizing bottles and flasks to different closures and even the use of glass in bottle construction. It is awesome for us to see all this innovation and effort being put into efforts to reduce plastic bottle waste.

We are proud to be recognized among the best for our innovative technology in the reusable bottle market. Our Eco Bottle manages to pack all of its exciting new technology into the lightest package offered, making it more mobile and less of a hassle to keep close buy during even the most grueling activities.   While glass and stainless bottles offer style and heft, the virgin aluminum construction of Eco Bottle combines durability, portability and style in the most utilitarian package.

For more on Eco Bottle and the other fascinating innovations in this years bottle line, check out the SNEWS feature here