Take Action, Like the Girls at Balloons Blow

Everyday we come across new organizations striving to make a difference in the world, whether they are encouraging you to vote, recycle, or donate they all want you to take action and so do we! We want you to take the time to get educated about plastic waste and the harm it’s doing to our earth, find organizations in your area that are working to reduce plastic waste, and make the switch. Learn from others like the girls from Balloons Blow.

Through facebook we discovered the amazing girls behind Balloons Blow, two nameless faces working to make a difference in this world. On their own dime, and their own time they scowl the beaches picking up waste left behind. What amazed us most about these girls is that nowhere on their site do they ask for donations all they want you to do is educate yourself and spread the word. Well girls you’ve got our support! Learn below about the harm balloons are doing to the environment:

A beach litter survey organized by the Marine Conservation Society has shown the amount of balloons and balloon pieces found on the beach have tripled in the past 10 years.

People commonly release balloons as an act of celebration, what they don’t realize is how harmful balloons can be to wildlife. Dolphins, whales, turtles, and many other marine species, as well as terrestrial animals such as cows, dogs, sheep, tortoises, birds and other animals have all been hurt or killed by balloons. The animal is usually killed from the balloon blocking its digestive tract, in some cases animals can also become entangled in the balloon and its ribbon making the animal.

Check out some environmentally friendly alternatives to balloon releases:

Plant in remembrance
Floating flowers
Lighting candles
Blowing bubbles
Release trained doves

We want to enjoy the world we live in as much as you do. That is why we are encouraging you to take action. In a world with so many messages we encourage you to get involved in the things you believe in. Stand behind an organizations efforts, promote a cause, or tell a friend because even the smallest efforts can help.  Help the girls at Balloons Blow and join our efforts too! At Eco Bottle we encourage you to reduce plastic bottle waste by switching to reusable bottles. We hope you’ll join our efforts by cutting down on the ways you use plastic. Check out Eco Bottle and connect with us on our website.