Great new outdoor films from Toronto

These days, there are more activities than ever to occupy consumers in their free time and one of the fastest growing segments is the outdoor/adventure sports hobby.  From adventure races to downhill mountain biking, there is something for everyone, just get out there and try it!

At the Toronto film festival this past September, the standouts all came from the outdoor/adventure genera highlighting the growing trend of getting out and creating your own thrills.  From Storm Surfers 3D to Kon-Tiki, the tales of adventurers are capturing more and more interest and their share of a huge film market.


Why have so many turned to the outdoors for entertainment as of late? In a time of economic uncertainty, it is certainly more feasible to purchase a water bottle and some hiking boots and hit the trail then spending huge sums of money at theme parks and resorts.  Grab your Eco Bottle and hit the trail, we’ll see you out there.