Eco Bottle Converts The Morning Fresh to the Stylish Side

Hate that stale metallic taste in your water at the end of the day? So did Katie of The Morning Fresh.  With one sip from her new Eco Bottle we successfully converted her to the stylish side!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have an adventure junkie and environment enthusiast like Katie on our side.  Katie has successfully created a community where climbers can go for tips, tricks, and advice. She pushes the limits of adventure, and excites the masses with her quirky, but cute thrill seeking attitude. We love reading about Katies adventures and are even more thrilled about her recent campaign to promote environmentally friendly climbing practices.

Thanks katie for keeping us on our toes and feeding our need for adventure! Eco Bottle is happy to be along for the ride with  you. Check out Katie’s quick comments on Eco Bottle below:

“I love the way the Eco Bottle feels in my hands, and really enjoy the smooth flow of water from the mouth valve – you’ve got to try it to understand. Another big plus for me is that Eco Bottle upholds the kind of values I really look for in a brand: they’re all about sustainability, wellness, and healthy living – and their products are 100% recyclable.”

While the technology that Eco Bottle uses is revolutionary, our most significant contribution is our emphasis on environmental consciousness. By using an Eco Bottle, adventurers can keep thousands of plastic water bottles out of forests, parks, and landfills while staying hydrated and fresh. For a chance to win your own Eco Bottle visit The Morning Fresh blog.