Miss Beverly Hills Cheers to Happy Drinking With Eco Bottle

The benefits of hydration are amazing and often overlooked in the chaos of our daily routines, but such a simple thing can do so much for our bodies.  We sent Olivia Jordan, Miss Beverly Hills, USA her very on Eco Bottle to get her take on hydration, style, and the California lifestyle.

Olivia keeps a blog dedicated to fitness and her lifestyle in Beverly Hill. She fills us up on helpful tips on keeping hydrated and explains all the reasons she a fan of Eco Bottle in her most recent post “Here’s to happy drinking”. As you’ll read  Olivia struggled with an unwieldy gallon jug for years, she moved on a bottle with a straw but fell victim to leaks and spills in her purse and car. Finally, she found the Eco Bottle and can relax knowing it will stay sealed in her car, purse, or on a long ride. Check out all her thoughts on her new stylish accessory below:

“I can feel good knowing that the Eco Bottle stays locked, tight and sealed
in my purse or rolling around in my car. The dual lid makes it possible
to add ice or lemon wedges to the bottle and have access to clean it
thoroughly at the end of the day. And the small lid can be used when
drinking out of the bottle through the day with a lessened risk of
dumping half a bottle on to what will surely be your most sheer white

Together we can stay hydrated, keep loads of plastic out of landfills and keep our bags dry! Check out Olivia’s fun and informative blog Here’s to Happy Drinking and learn more about Eco Bottle