Eco bottle’s breast cancer awareness

There are some many reasons to switch from a disposable plastic water bottle to a reusable aluminum vessel; from the enormous damage plastic bottles do to our earth to the deadly toxins these bottles leech into their contents.  The short lifespan of a plastic bottle, usually just several minutes, means they have a huge environmental impact. Furthermore, the resources needed to create these bottles and bring them to consumers are huge and cause an even larger carbon footprint.

Beyond the havoc these bottles wreak on our environment are the deadly toxins they dump into our bodies. High levels of dioxins, generated from the breakdown of BPA, have been found in breast cancer tissue.  Pop star Sheryl Crow, a breast cancer survivor herself, attributes her cancer to plastic bottles left in hot cars. The heat accelerates the breakdown of the BPA in the plastic and allows it to seep into the drinking water and into our bodies.


Switching to a safe and reusable water bottle not only reduces your carbon footprint but also helps to avoid some of the toxins associated with breast cancer, and because October is breast cancer awareness month, we at Eco bottle though this was the perfect time to bring these risks to your attention. Do your part, and stay hydrated doing it!