Fall Fun Preview

The crisp smell of fall is in the air and the leaves are about to turn so we at Eco Bottle figured now was as good a time as any for a look… Continue reading

Eco Bottle Debuts Hydration Tube at 2012 Checkpoint Tracker Championship

 Eco Bottle is proud to sponsor the 2012 Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Race Championship where our innovative bottles will be put through one of the toughest tests on the planet.  The race, covering over… Continue reading

Quality & Commitment to Innovation

We had a chance to chat with our friends at EncompassLife at the Outdoor Retailer show in early August about our Eco Bottles. While we enjoyed chatting it up with them and all… Continue reading

Siobhan McCarthy Keeps it Classy with Eco Bottle

For the ladies out there with style and grace, we know you work hard to treat your body right. Whether you’re into the latest fitness crazy or just an outdoor enthusiast we know… Continue reading

Eat Run Sail Hits the High Seas with Eco Bottle!

Our friend Elle from Eat Run Sail found Eco Bottle an easy addition to her active lifestyle. Being on the water often Elle found Eco Bottle Wenger Collection Bottles to be the right… Continue reading

Active Kids, Healthy Snacks and Drinks!

August is the month that most kids dread.. summer ends and school begins. In order to get ready for the busy month, Angie of  Echoes of Laughter creates a bin of healthy snacks… Continue reading

Eco Bottle Recognized for Innovation

Ana Trujillo weighs in on the surplus of water bottle companies this summer at OR show and tests how much innovation can companies really put into making each bottle unique and different? In her findings she recognized us… Continue reading

Marta Makita-Wilson Talks Eco Bottle Vision

With so many amazing companies showcasing their new products at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show we were honored to be interviewed by the folks at Outdoor Retailer Daily/SNEWS. Eco Stream CEO, Marta Makita-Wilson sat… Continue reading

Adventures with Betty LIVIN’

We asked our friends Rachel of Betty LIVIN to test out the Eco Bottle Wenger Collection and all her friendly comments are making us blush! Not only was Rachel impressed by our sleek… Continue reading

Kid Friendly & Eco Savvy Mama Approved!

After struggling to find a water bottle that keeps water cool and refreshing while avoiding a metal after taste, Eco Savvy Mama has found Eco Bottle. She raves about the large mouth top,… Continue reading